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AmCham China
WordPress Web Redesign
October 2019

1. About AmCham China
AmCham China is a non-profit, non-governmental organization whose membership comprises more than 3,600 individuals from approximately 900 companies operating across China, including most US Fortune 500 companies. One of the Chamber’s key objectives is to provide value-add services to member companies and facilitate cooperation between our members. For more information, please see our one-page introduction attached or visit
AmCham China’s headquarters are based in Beijing with Chapters in Tianjin, Dalian, Shenyang, and Wuhan. The organization has nearly 60 staff and delivers a diverse range of services, including over 200 events and programs each year, unique advocacy and access services, professional training programs, visa services, and other value-add services.

2. Background
The current website evolved is operating on an outdated version of Drupal, which has expanded organically over many years without consistent centralized planning and design. We see this opportunity as a chance to leverage modern design expertise to improve the standardization, structure, and flow of the website. We also see the WordPress platform as a cost-effective and efficient way to get better web functionality for the site. Finally, we intend for the updated platform to improve web stability and data security.
Broad current website challenges for AmCham China that we hope to improve in the design include:
• Inconsistent design feel across the site and poor navigation.
• Difficult content management system.
• Falling behind new web standards.
• Poor search features and results.
• Limited features.
• Poor stability and difficulty to maintain.

3. Scope of a web redesign
The current site
– 15 web sections and subsites
– 127 pages
– Includes ongoing update of posts, articles, events, and publications, which will need updating.
– CCRM and events integration: EventBankRM and events integration: EventBank
– PPayment integrations: WeChat, Alipay, and Paypalayment integrations: WeChat, Alipay, and Paypal
– HHosting: Aliyun osting: Aliyun

The future site
AmCham China is seeking a WordPress web developer to rebuild with the following improvements:

Design and user-experience
– More standardized and integrated design across 15 web sections with effective template hierarchy strategy.
– Modern look and feel with responsive design.
– Cohesive visual identity.
– Increased readability.
– Segment site users with conversion goals and clear paths to key pages.
– Increased commercialization of flagship products, premium services, and membership types.
– Optimized global search (e.g. fuzzy search) and filtering options.
– Support display of Chinese-language options.

– Leverage themes and commercially supported plugins where effective.
– Establish membership access controls and paywalls.
– Set conversion goals with Google analytics and Baidu analytics.
– Ad management.
– Customizable forms.
– Survey tools.
– Interactive maps.
– Payment integration.
– Content Sliders.
– Multimedia integration (video, GIF, audio streaming, etc.).
– Enhanced Membership Directory.
– Third-party integrations.
– Forums.
– Interactive PDF reader.
– Jobs portal.
– Events calendar.

15 AmCham website sections

  • News
    News, magazine and authors desktop & mobile design Templates: News, News category, News detail, Authors, Author detail, Magazine Quarterly, Issue, Archive Portal, Portal category
  • About pages
    About pages Mobile and Desktop design; Templates: Constitution, Vision, Board of, governors, Staff, Staff detail, Press center, Corporate partners, Corporate partner detail, Heritage, History, Timeline, Past Chairmen
  • Membership
    Membership pages Mobile and Desktop design; Templates: Join the Chamber, Membership detail, Benefits, Exclusive discount programs, Business discounts, business discount detail, Directory, Directory detail, Referral program
  • Events
    Events Mobile and Desktop design; interaction definition Templates: Upcoming, Past, Calendar, Prepaid Event Access Working Groups
    Working Groups pages Mobile and Desktop design; Templates: Working groups, Working group detail, Working group resources, Event calendar
  • Advocacy
    Advocacy pages Mobile and Desktop design; Templates: Policy priorities, Policy Priorities by Industry, Government Outreach, Government Affairs and policy Calendar, Meeting summary detail, Appreciation Dinner, Appreciation dinner detail, DC Outreach, DC Outreach detail, Government Meeting Snapshots, Government Meeting detail, Subnational Outreach, Sustainable Outreach detail
  • Publications
    Publications pages Mobile and Desktop design; Templates: Publication, Publication detail, Publication member payment wall Service pages
    Services pages Mobile and Desktop design; Templates: services, Policy +, training programs
  • Sponsorship 
    Sponsorship pages Mobile and Desktop design; Templates: Sponsorship, sponsorship detail Chapter pages
    Chapters pages Mobile and Desktop design; Template: Chapter detail Contact pages
    Contact pages Mobile and Desktop design; interaction definition Templates: Contact, Press center
  • Resource pages
    Resources pages Mobile and Desktop design; Templates: resources, resource detail, resource search result, job board, job details
  • Technology and Innovation
    Technology and Innovation subsite website design Templates: Technology and Innovation, Who should get engaged, Key member showcase (Digital Circle), How we do it, Key offerings, Thought leadership sharing, Category, Archive, Search, Engagement methods, Sponsorship opportunities, Contact us
  • Cooperative programs
    Cooperative Program website template Templates: Cooperation Program, About, staff, Priorities, Services News, Contact Advocacy action map
  • Advocacy Action Map theme

Site management
– More user-friendly and intuitive CMS.
– Establish custom post types where necessary.
– Increased web stability uptime, and reduced maintenance costs.
– Strengthen site security and data protection.
– Migrate news content from former site.

4. Project Approach & Timing

Project approach

In your proposal, we encourage you to specifically highlight where your team intends to create value with selective customization and where cost savings and efficiencies will be achieved leveraging well-supported commercial themes, plugins, and templates.
Other than accurately matching and representing our business services, and establishing a cohesive VI, our team has minimal requirements for altering how plugins work. Our team is committed to exercise discipline in how we structure and present our web content in a more unified and standardized way across the site.


Submission window: all proposals to be received by end of day 10/15/2019
Project kickoff: 10/28/2019
Target completion date: 1/25/2020

5. Project Team and Resources
The AmCham China website is an authoritative source of information on the business climate in China and the bilateral US-China relationship, and requires a web development partner familiar with the breadth of work of chambers of commerce, NGOs, professional services organizations; yet managed by a small team. Please include in your proposal the specific development team that will build the site and provide a portfolio highlighting relevant experience for this project.

6. Consulting Fees and Expenses
In your bid estimate please clearly indicate the ratio of development that will integrate themes, plugins, and templates, and where your team will do custom work. In addition, please address time and cost estimates for all aspects of the three improvement categories of 1) design and user experience 2) functionality 3) site management.

7. Contacts:
Francisco Arechiga, Technology and Innovation Advisor, AmCham China


Please download PDF version at:

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