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Kindly have a look at
I would like to create a very similar website, except that our website will be presenting private equity funds instead of REIT funds. Everything else will be the same. So think of the structure exactly as fundrise, except that the content will be different.  I will provide you with the content, information we want to present on the fund page, sign up questionnaire, etc.
Other than the design/look/feel, we are looking at very simple functionalities, the main ones are:

1. Us as the admin will be able to add a fund and all its related information every time we have a new fund to present.

2. The investor will be signing up and will be inputing certain information that will be registered. Some of it will be shown on his profile while the rest is for us as admins to have a full record of all registered investors and their information.

3. The investor will be browsing the investments/funds page and if he is interested in a certain fund he will be able to register his interest with the amount he is interested to invest with, we get that information and contact him offline.
I personally have never used wordpress but I know how simple and flexible it is and I believe it is the right platform to use for our website specially as a start. There is an already made template that I really like which I think can be used to make the website. It is called “Specular – Responsive Multi-Purpose Business Theme” and it is available on themeforest. I believe a combination of such a template with some WP plugins can lead to a final product like or better than in a very short time-frame. Please correct me if I am wrong!

I am looking for someone who understands what he needs to do, very well experienced with wordpress, has very good design and UX touches and is able to come up with new designs wherever necessary.
Looking forward to finding the right person for this kind of job ?

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