Offer : Senior WordPress Developer & Designer Engineer + Designer

FareHarbor is looking for a full time, on-site engineer eager to put their engineering and design skills to use helping our clients boost their online presence. You’ll join us in our San Francisco office on, our managed website platform which powers hundreds of websites. You’ll empower our clients to grow their businesses by helping their customers discover new and remarkably fun and original activities nationwide.

What you’ll do

  • Write clean PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and (S)CSS
  • Work with Photoshop, Sketch, and the like to mock up page elements, typography improvements, etc.
  • Help develop a robust design framework that enables easy superficial theming.
  • Work with WordPress (on which is built) and, more often, with and on our WordPress abstraction layer, which is built using modern PHP best practices.
  • Strive to improve the site-builder’s usability for end-users and reduce the time it takes for our onboarders to build sites with both interface improvements and automation.
  • Help establish best practices standards for the entire tours and activities industry.
  • Initiate and manage aggregate A/B testing on sites.
  • You’ll also get the chance to think about and work on FH Kit: our tools for integrating our online booking widgets on other websites.

    Note: The team is but a subset of our core product team. Hence you will have the opportunity to work on the wide range of challenges listed below, but you will also get the chance to focus on those that you choose.

What you’ll bring

  • Penchant for writing clean and maintainable code.
  • An eye for design & usability.
  • Eagerness to learn whatever necessary to tackle problems head-on (tools and industry ins-and-outs alike).
  • Demonstrable ability to come up with and implement general solutions, e.g., in response to highly specific client requests.
  • Determination to think up and cover all the edge-cases.
  • Desire to work closely with the rest of the product team and the larger FareHarbor family.
  • Appreciation and attention for the ideas, requests, and complaints of FH employees who work with every day and the clients whom they work with.

When applying

If possible include references to a product you’ve designed or built — a small business website, an iOS app mockup, a WordPress template, anything that characterizes the kind of work you like to do.

Let’s build the future of the activity industry together.
FareHarbor is a quickly growing team making our clients more productive and profitable through better software. We are unapologetically excited about the activity industry and the real ways that fast, low cost, and easy-to-use systems can help a business. Not to mention, our clients love us.

We’re a modern, distributed team. We have people in Hawaii, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, and throughout the US. We’re always in touch with each other in all the ways you’d expect, like video calls and group chat.

Unlike most startups, we’ve been revenue positive almost since the day we started. We have a proven business model, and big plans for changing the way the activity industry works. Our engineering and design team moves fast, and we ship new features more than weekly.

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