Offer : Ambassador/Affiliate plugin [include gamify] built from scratch

Hello Everyone,

I am on a tight budget for all the staff working on my site. Please make the budget fair and reasonable for me to keep you long term because I have other plugin and widget design that needs to be work on. I can also bring one of my team developers to assist you in completing this task.

Read p. 1-4 for clarification and p. 5-13 to write the proof of concept

Once you decide and review my updated document, we need to make an agreement on how we should complete this task in a short period of time. I counted a total of 42 functionality on my list, but some of them are repetitive. These following list, make sure you don’t copy the plugging contents and it’s designed.

I need you to write of proof of concept, theoretically explain how you are going to put this plugin together. Since I have a total of 42 functionality, calculate how long will it take for your team and how long will it take if we divide it into parts for my team to work on it. Let’s negotiate on taking the most importing tools that will help me and my member to do well in marketing. Let’s creat as quick but efficient as possible, so I can use it for less than a month. Then we can add more tools in the plugin later.

Note: Once you completed the plugin, I am requesting the codes and its appropriate zip files for the plugins. I also request the plugin have a product key to unlock certain functionality on the plugin.

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