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By taking advantage of the historical positions of expired domain names in search engines, you benefit from all the ranking work already done in the SERPs.

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Guide : Expired Domains & 301 Redirects

What is an expired domain ?

An expired domain is a domain that has expired beyond the original 1-year domain registration (or however long it’s registered for) but is still within the grace period to allow you to renew the domain. These domains can be bid on.

  • A deleted domain name is a domain name that has expired & went beyond the grace period to renew, and is now able to be registered again.
  • A dropped domain name is a domain that has expired, has gone beyond the grace period, and has been dropped by the registrar. You can acquire these through a domain backorder. Godaddy and other domain name providers provide this service.
  • An auctioned domain name is a domain name that the seller believes has value and has put up for an auction.

301 Redirects​

A 301 redirect is directing a user who types in a URL to another URL of your choosing. The idea behind this is to point domains with high metrics to another domain in order to receive some “juice”. How do you determine a good domain for a 301 redirect?

Basically, the same way as described above for finding expired domains worth buying. Search for a good amount of high-quality backlinks. Check each like to make sure it isn’t spammy and doesn’t have spammy anchor text.

Check the WhoIS history and history for the domain.

If it passes every step above and seems as if the domain is of high enough quality, you can create the redirect if you have access to the domain.

You do your research. You’re looking to buy an aged, high domain authority/rating(DA/DR), high page authority (PA), and that is NOT penalized by Google. This is also known as “high metrics”.