Offer : WordPress Developer | DI

–        Customize this template to look like the MS Edge Homescreen (page that appears upon opening the ‘Microsoft Edge’ app.  Screenshot is attached

–        Create ‘article’ page template that follows the look and feel of site.  New articles should be able to be added, associated with a category, whereupon they’d appear on the home page

–        The top navigation bar should contain the following categories (and functionality should exist to associate new and existing articles to one of these categories, or create new categories): Business, Careers, Electronics, Health, Home, Finance, Lifestyle.  Clicking on one of these categories should filter for only articles belonging to that category

–        Search functionality

–        Contact Us, About Us, and Privacy Page are required

–        Endless Scroll on Homepage

–        We do not want the finished product used as promotional material (ie. Do not add to portfolio, link to it as an example of work, etc.)

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