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The Web Developer II is responsible for developing projects along with implementation, day-to-day management of the website, as well as successful website performance.  The Web Developer will work daily with APIs and in WordPress to design new pages for the site and ensure all code is up to date.  This position will also drive the brand forward by ensuring that the latest and best technology and design is used to represent Grantham University from current web based assets.

• Serve as a mentor on the web development team and subject matter expert within the University.
• Develop and maintain enhancements, help to schedule and implement code and data pushes for the University and corporate Web sites.
• Help to plan timelines for website design implementation and refresh states, considering usability and functionality as guiding principles.
• Implement new sections/features/content for existing web site assets using WordPress as a framework.
• Experience working in a tiered environment for development, staging and production.
• Knowledge of SVN and GIT for managing versions and deployment.
• Research, design, and implement new sections/features/content for new and existing web sites using WordPress as a framework, as directed.
• Help to ensure Web site architecture is designed based on best practices of organic search engine optimization (SEO), frequently by working with a 3rd party vendor on SEO best practices.
• Help to oversee API, database and other systems used for web development as well as their continued updating and maintenance.
• Help to analyze and report Web site traffic statistics and search engine trends.
• Help to coordinate and manage both internal relationships with different departments and external vendor relationships.
• Have a moderate to high level of experience with analytics software such as Google Analytics.
• Possess experience with mobile-friendly applications and design (Bootstrap, responsive design, etc.)
• Possess a moderate to high level of knowledge of website testing using Google Analytics or other testing tools.
• Serve on cross-functional teams as necessary.
• Suggest, recommend and manage tools and software for job tasks, web site maintenance and processes and other areas as assigned.
• Bring training and education opportunities to management for overall growth of web development team.
• Perform other tasks assigned by management.

• Bachelor’s degree (Computer Science, Engineering, Information Systems, or related field) preferred.
• 2-4 years’ experience working in an IT or marketing environment specific to web development. Linux experience preferred.
• A minimum of 4 years web development experience preferred.
• 4-5 years advanced PHP (or Python) and WordPress experience preferred.
• A Demonstrated experience and technical understanding of HTML (working knowledge if HTML 5 is a plus), XML, XSL, CSS, JavaScript/client side scripting technologies and cross-browser implications.
• Prefer a candidate with a functional understanding of networking architecture and communications, to include HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, SMTP, VPN technologies and standards, DNS, routing, and Internet security concepts, including firewall principles.
• Experienced in accessing 3rd party APIs and designing in-house REST APIs required.
• Experienced in working with, managing and writing queries for MySQL database required.
• Working knowledge of, and experience with, web standards (508 and W3C) preferred.
• Minimum 1 year analytics and testing tools experience preferred.
• Proven experience implementing best practices of search engine optimization strategies preferred.
• Able to demonstrate ability to build Web sites from wireframe to final product preferred.
• Ability to meet aggressive deadlines and juggle multiple priorities independently.
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and ability to work as part of a team.
• Able to manage multiple projects to timely and accurate completion.
• Able to effectively communicate orally (in person and by telephone) and in writing.
• Able to multi-task, yet maintain close attention to detail and timeliness of work production.
• Able to work in a positive team-oriented manner with a variety of people (students, faculty, staff, administrators, vendors, and members of the general public).
• Able to work in a fast paced environment independently but also with a team. Able to think quickly to solve problems.
• Able to manage multiple projects to timely and accurate completion.

Grantham University has an extraordinary purpose: We serve those who serve, and those who want to make a difference. We do so by establishing a level playing field in education, specifically for those who are typically the most underserved: first-generation college students, active duty military members, veterans, budding entrepreneurs—all those who need a second chance, and all those who never had a first chance. We help them build successful lives through our unique curriculum and personal mentoring approach. Armed with these successes, our graduates will have the most impact in strengthening our nation, and in turn, our world.

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