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For context view the following video:

I have already built a standard structure using basic WordPress tools for my site

In order to make my site operational, I still need to insert on top of my site the following functionalities:

1.       Payment system:  Website should be capable of handling credit card payments and PayPal.

2.       It should include an additional page showing Collaborators curricula.

3.       For potential collaborators, it should have a page with invitation to collaborate and downloadable form:  Additional page that handles a form for potential collaborators to submit and send.

4.       Need to delete iconic references to Pinterest and Facebook, and substitute these links with LinkedIn.

5.       Protection of Excel files.  As explained at the end of the video, downloaded Excel files must be protected. I need to guarantee, maybe through an Excel macro, that the downloaded Excel file can only be opened in the device from which payment was made. An email could be sent to customer with an entry code that is verified when opening the Excel file.  This code matches the computer from which the transaction was requested to the one where the file is being attempted to be opened.

6.       Copyright issues:  Each download should carry a legal warning acceptance from the user where he/she agrees to copyright issues.

7.       Scores for module:  Users should be able to optionally their downloaded modules and these scores should be published.  By this way, viewers can see what score has been awarded by previous users.

8.       Discount structure:  The shopping activity should allow for coupons expressed as percentages, and not necessarily only absolute amounts.  These coupons can be applied to the total amount on the shopping  cart.

9.       Insert filtering category. The site should be able for users to browse on filtered collaborators.  Collaborator has already been defined as an Attribute.

10.   Suggested courses. The site should also be able to recommend packages of modules.  This is because some users might come to the site without knowing which modules to buy. Depending on a customer’s profile, the site should be able to recommend and put up a recommended course comprised of several modules.

11.   Secure site. The site should be migrated to a secure https location.

12.   The site should guarantee downloading large video files of as much as 160MB.

DECISION TRAIN develops and markets innovative digital resources like videos, documents and Excel models for training and learning how to master @RISK and other DecisionTools Suite software tools developed by Palisade Corporation.

These tools are sold to three types of users:  Student Users, Academic Users and Professional users.


The single functional unit in which we bundle our training resources is the Training module.   A training module is a bundled package linked to a business case to be solved using @RISK and other DecisionTools.

These modules have been developed from real-life business cases provided by actual consulting and training experience of our case developers.

Each package or module contains four components:

One PDF textual colored document containing several pages that explains in detail a business case to be explained and solved. In general, the first part of the document explains the case; the second part describes how it will be solved.  The third section describes in detail all the steps involved, one by one, in order to solve the case. The last section explains, summarizes and presents conclusive results with respect to the business case.
One unsolved Excel spreadsheet associated to the business case that the student needs to fill in, step by step, led by the PDF document. This Excel spreadsheet contains gray or light-blue colored blank cells that need to be filled in during the training process explained on the PDF document and the linked videos.
One solved Excel spreadsheet associated to the business case. The student can compare his or her results to this finished version of the business case exercise.
Any number, from one to up to twenty, videos associated to this business case. Each one of these videos is freely linked to the structure presented on the PDF document. In other words, it represents a free and open version of what has been written on the document.  Each one of the videos contains as much as 8 minutes.  This length on the video duration is imposed by the video-development application used and also as a convenient way to deliver limited-size files that do not last extensively.  Each one of these videos contains an explanation on how to solve, on a step-by-step basis, the business case presented.

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