Offer : Wanted: Dependable full-stack developer, long-term position, exciting company

Hi there,

My name’s Edward. I’m co-founder of Course Concierge, the online course publishing company.

For the right person, we hope this is something of a Dream Job – and dream company.

If you are someone who…
– Wants to take pride in active and stimulating work;
– Gets excited at the prospect of being part of a team, with fast-paced and varied demands;
– Has the ability to work within tight deadlines and juggle multiple tasks with poise;
…this could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.

We’re a great company to join. Here’s why…
– We’re new (just two-and-a-half years’ old) and you will be getting in at the ground level (only our second developer – and for which our first, Haris, is eager to have you)
– We have an unbelievably engaged team, with world-class people in every department (from video production to research to copywriting and design)
– Our clients are fantastic. We take on only a handful, and are incredibly selective in who we work with
– You can work from anywhere in the world. Though for this position we’d like someone in a North/South American timezone (between Eastern and Pacific), our current team of 12 spans eight countries
– You will have the dependence of a team and consistent, regular income – and time just enough around the edges to continue working on a few of your own things too should you wish.

This position is the right fit for…

…Someone who wants to be part of something.

Us having been at this a while now, we know the importance of development. A developer is the backbone of an online company, and relied on more than anyone. Without the right developer, the rest of the team cannot function.

The ideal fit for us is someone who is already very capable, but who wants to learn and is adaptable to learning our processes – as well as helping shape and further improve them.

(A key thing with Haris: we want you both able and comfortable jumping in to work on each other’s code.)

You need to…

– Like a big workload and be comfortable working quickly. We get a lot done in a day and you will be pushed
– Welcome revisions and embrace perfectionist tendencies (as well as our clients’)
– Be a clear and capable communicator. As a company, we take writing seriously. Great written English and attention to detail are essential
– Be someone we enjoy working with. Fit comes first, above everything else for us.

Nearly all of our communication is written (we use Basecamp 3, and are big fans of it), but we’d like you to be comfortable getting on the occasional call too.

As a Full-stack WordPress developer the position is the right fit for you if…

– You are someone who completely understands how WordPress works at the code level. You have built your own custom themes/plugins and you know how to extend WordPress core.

– You understand how REST APIs work and you are comfortable consuming RESTful web services, either via the client (AJAX) or the server (PHP).

– You like finding smart and elegant solutions to coding problems, in line with WordPress coding and security best practices. Your code is clean, understandable and well commented.

– You have solid knowledge of PHP, MySQL, HTML, Javascript/JQuery, CSS. Experience on any kind of front-end framework (i.e. Bootstrap) or Javascript framework (React, Vue) is a plus.

– You are competent with version control systems (Git) and having experience with modern web development workflows and tools (Yarn, Gulp, Sass) is a plus.

Your day to day with us will comprise the following…

Throughout each project, we have five core development needs.

1. Lay the foundation

Setup of a client’s domain and hosting, and integration of a payment gateway (Stripe), membership plugin and email platform.

We use WordPress as a base for most things, and you need to be comfortable managing technical migrations.

2. Create a stunning website

Here’s an example, from one of our first clients…

[Mini Site] – Home

From our designer’s PSDs, everything you create needs to live up to it – being wonderfully responsive, with no stone (from the thank you page to a nicely categorised list of pages on the back-end) left unturned.

3. Build a long-form sales page

Our designer makes sales pages that are many thousands of words digestible and enticing to read. We need you to do their work justice.

4. Creation of membership areas

We have a favoured WordPress membership plugin, and with it to create a layout that houses courses with clear and simple navigation.

We look to provide clients’ customers the best learning environment possible.

5. Checkout pages

Making sure payments are taken (reliably), membership entitlements are correct, and segments are created in a newsletter platform for buyers.

You’re familiar with best practices for security and testing.


The position will start at 15–20 hours per week, and hours will grow readily from there – pay set at a fair, mutually agreed hourly rate. We aim to have somebody with us for the long haul.

To apply…

Please write back ( with *one* example of a project you have coded, along with a brief pitch on why you think you’d be a great fit.

Do not send more than one link or your entry will be disqualified.

Also, please do not send a resume, CV or attachment of any kind. We don’t care where you went to college (or even that you went at all) – all that matters is whether you can do it.

We won’t be able to get back to everyone, but for those who stand out, we will send a list of interview questions in writing, then, for the few we like best, set up a brief call to discuss the opportunity.

The deadline for submissions is September 15th, though those who apply sooner are at an advantage.

We’ll pick two candidates from interviews to begin a paid two-week trial (to assess on-the-job performance and cultural fit). One person will then be chosen for the ongoing role.

Thank you for reading. Best of luck, and we look forward to hearing from you,


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