Offer : Senior WordPress Engineer | DI

At a high level you take ownership of everything WordPress at Sparkart. You are a key decision maker in the implementation of a publishing system for high traffic websites in the world of entertainment and emerging brands.


  • Support and hands-on development of new websites and updates to those existing
  • Collaborate with Sparkart’s engineering team on points of integration with our subscriptions platform, Universe
  • Collaborate with our hosting provider’s team on regular WordPress and related infrastructure upgrades
  • Assist with DNS, SSL, and domain-related updates
  • Monitor resource utilization across our servers and guide infrastructure changes as necessary for scale
  • Code review and general education for other developers to ensure our caching strategies are not compromised
  • Curate and maintain WordPress plugins and other third-party dependencies
  • Devise and execute strategies for code reuse as appropriate for evident and emerging patterns in the business

Experimentation is and always has been an essential element of Sparkart, at every level. We provide ample opportunity to grow if you have previous experience beyond WordPress or wish to branch out.

Technologies currently in play include Ruby on Rails, node.js, AWS Lambda, CouchDB, Shopify, and business intelligence tools built on AWS Redshift. If you have interest or experience in any of these areas or others, there are opportunities to learn or apply your knowledge, solving real world problems at scale.

Must haves

  • 2+ years of operational experience maintaining one or more high traffic WordPress sites
  • Proficient frontend developer with plenty of experience building websites
  • Intermediate or stronger command of PHP, JavaScript, and SQL
  • Strong working knowledge of and experience with Linux; both locally and in hosting environments
  • Go-to strategies for local WordPress development, especially using Docker and/or Vagrant
  • Nginx and Apache
  • Eagerness to help fix things when they break
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Self-motivated and strive to exceed expectations on a daily basis
  • Positive, can-do spirit

Great to have

  • Ecommerce, especially using Shopify
  • Twig and Timber
  • Experience operating a multi-site network
  • One or more WordPress plugins under your belt
  • WP CLI
  • Other APIs, such as those for Facebook, Shopify
  • Experience with headless CMS services such as Contentful and
  • Composer
  • Use of any AWS service, but especially S3, EC2, RDS
  • Use of CI systems such as CircleCI, Travis, and Jenkins
  • Passion for music

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