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Are you an awesome WordPress developer with proficiency in English?

Do you know your way around WordPress, and love solving problems? Does working with a fun globalized team sound awesome to you? If you’ve wanted the freedom to work from wherever you want, you have a home at SAU/CAL. We work on some of the largest WooCommerce stores on the internet from all around the globe.

We are hiring for a Senior WordPress developer. This is a remote position, where you work from home (or, wherever).

Your tasks would include:

Creating solutions for customer problems on their websites
Responding to customer requests during implementation and/or when bugs arise
Documenting code, and using version control in Git
Making contributions to open source projects, like WooCommerce core
Debugging site issues
Creating custom plugins
Making large WooCommerce installs more performant
Estimating work, helping with estimates
You must be proficient in WordPress. This includes being up to date with the coding standards (functions, hooks, performance recommendations, etc) of the community behind WordPress. The above implies that your PHP and MySQL skills are good enough to work with WP.

Also it’s important that you have experience with JS, HTML & CSS if you’re going to do frontend work (of course if you’re applying for a frontend developer position, you must master these).

Knowledge of preprocessing tools like SASS, LESS, CoffeeScript, or similar is not exclusive, but definitely a plus. We use these very often during our workflow, so if you don’t know them yet, you should consider learning them soon.

Time spent working would be around 5-8 hours per day. We’re focused on Eastern Standard Time (EST) from 9am-5pm. You can work in other parts of the world and during times you wish. You will need two things however: excellent time management skills, and to make yourself available certain parts of the day. Keeping a repeatable schedule, or one that’s someone consistent, helps a lot (The customer needs to know when they can provide feedback on their project. The QA person will need to ask for justification on an item. Or, sometimes there’s just an emergency). Updating your Slack status is a simple way to let others know when you’re working, or when you will be back. Over-communication will be key to your success. People that have great habits in place for time tracking, organization, and self-management are an ideal fit for us.

If you’re reliable, consistent and trust worthy, please apply. Don’t pad your resume. Our learning curve can be steep and if you don’t have the pre-existing skills required, you’ll fall.

A laptop with webcam and reliable internet connection, are required. All applicants must bring their own device.

You can learn more about us at, or meet the team here If you’d like to apply, please do so here: We look forward to meeting you.

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