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If you’re an experienced developer who knows how to build rock-solid web sites and applications, values the user experience to get the most out of the folks who use your software, and believe that the best digital experiences happen when strategy, technology, and design work together, then we’d love to hear from you. If you care deeply about issues like climate change, social justice, and economic equality—and want the work you do to make a meaningful positive impact—then we think you’ll love working with us and our clients.

A bit about the role
As the Senior Developer at Constructive, you will take the lead on developing a myriad of technical solutions to help create compelling brand experiences for our network of passionate clients. Working alongside our energetic technology team, you will create content management systems, data visualizations, single-page applications, automation scripts and everything in between. Additionally, you will commonly integrate with third-party systems to extend our reach of feature offerings, as well as work on a collection of innovative internal projects.

No matter the task, the end goal is the same: create powerful software to empower our clients to have a larger impact on the world we share. Therefore, you should really know your stuff and not have a big ego, you take responsibility for the quality of your work and the overall success of the company, and want to work in tandem with others who care as much as you do.

What we need you to do extremely well

This role is all about hands-on development and sharing your perspective on approaches and techniques learned throughout your career. We’ll need you to have strong demonstrated success having done all or most of these things for at least 3-5 years—and a passion for doing them well.

  • Have a thorough knowledge of software development best practices and methodologies: OOP, testing, 12-factor apps, etc.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in PHP development: well-versed in all areas of the language, use PHP Standard Recommendations, execute PHP The Right Way, experience with popular Composer packages, libraries, and frameworks.
  • Have professional experience with WordPress: you should be comfortable with the inner workings of the system and its hooks, creating custom plugins and themes, exposing APIs via WP-JSON, and understand the impact these areas have on performance tuning.
  • Review code and provide feedback on work done by other developers; oversee the UAT and QA processes in coordination with project managers.
  • Improve best practices, recommend tools, and build technical frameworks that make our work more efficient, effective, and technically front-of field.
  • Be a great team player, have a bias towards listening, takes serious pride in your work, and always look for our process and results to be better the next time out.
  • It helps if you also have a good sense of humor ?

Expertise that’s important in our work

Right now, these are the specific technologies and tasks that are essential to our work. We’ll need you to have about 5 years of experience in most of these things, and we’re very open to new ideas on which specific technologies and tools can improve on what we have.

  • Expert WordPress development (Minimum 5 years of experience)
  • Expert back-end development experience
  • Strong experience with Webpack, and asset pre/post-processing
  • Strong experience doing large-scale content migrations
  • Strong experience integrating with third-party technologies (Solr, Salesforce, Mailchimp)
  • Strong experience with web application frameworks and their design concepts
  • Strong experience with popular Composer packages
  • Experience with Drupal
  • Experience with Data Visualization (D3, Highcharts)
  • Experience with Infrastructure, System Administration & DevOps
  • Experience with ES6, Node, React
  • Comfortable with AWS (S3, Route 53)

What’s in it for you?
We do our best to make sure everyone at Constructive is taken care of with a great mix of salary, benefits and perks, opportunities for professional growth, and a healthy dose of time off. Our clients are essentially all nonprofits—so if you’re in it solely for the money, there are places that will probably offer you a bit more of that.

We expect this position to have a base salary of between $75-$85K depending on experience levels. Here’s what we have on tap for 2019-2020 to add to this:

Benefits & Perks

  • Company-Sponsored Health, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • 401K plan with 4% company match
  • Quarterly profit sharing bonus
  • Discretionary performance-based bonuses
  • 2 weeks paid vacation (+1 additional day per year)
  • Paid vacation between Christmas & New Year’s
  • 1/2-day Summer Fridays (Approx 16)
  • 1 week paid personal/sick days
  • Unlimited work-from-home days (within reason!)
  • Monthly employee micro-bonuses
  • TransitChek (pay for transit w/ pre-tax $)
  • Discounted Company Cell Phone Plan
  • $1K annual professional development stipend
  • New client bonus (2.5% of largest contract in year 1 for any non-inbound client)
  • Coffee, and healthy snacks
  • Company lunch every Wednesday
  • Weekly Happy Hr (every non-summer Friday)
  • Quarterly Company Events (sporting events, bowling, holiday party, etc)
  • The feeling of satisfaction knowing that your work is helping make the world a better place

A bit about diversity and inclusivity

We believe strongly that diversity is one of our greatest strengths—that the more perspectives we bring to the mix, the better we are as people and the better partner we are for our clients. So, in considering if Constructive is a good fit for you, know that all we care about is that you’re qualified to do the job, share most or all of our values, and want to be here. These are the things we’ll be evaluating for every applicant—and if you meet those and add to our diversity, all the better.

Interested? Great! Then please send an email titled “Senior Developer” to with the following 

  • A resume
  • A cover letter telling us a bit about you and what excites you about joining our team
  • Links to your own website, websites you’ve worked on, github, whatever
  • Desired salary (freelance rate for those interested in consulting with us)

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