Code for Social Good ( is a recently launched global volunteering platform that connects technical volunteers to nonprofit organizations. We hope this Specialized Technical Volunteer Network can assist nonprofits discover potential volunteers as well as help volunteers identify technical projects that fit their interests and skills.

– Do you want to sharpen your technical skills?
– Do you want to gain real project experience?
– Do you want to expand your portfolio?
– Do you want to code in flexible hours and remotely?
– Do you want to network with technical volunteers and nonprofit organizations?
– Do you want to contribute your coding skills to a cause you care?

Register as a volunteer and apply for the volunteer opportunities!
– Register: Register on Code for Social Good web site ( ) as a Volunteer User
– Apply: Browse through the projects and apply for those you are interested in.
– Match: The nonprofits you applied for should contact you shortly. You could also email them directly to follow up after the application.

As a registered user, you will also:
– Receive notifications when new projects are posted.
– Be reached out directly by potential nonprofits if they feel you are a good fit for their project

Please consider registering as a volunteer on Code for Social Good and applying for the volunteer opportunities!

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